International Workshop Struer, Denmark August 28-30, 2013

International Workshop on

High Quality Dynamic cross-continental Networked Artistic interaction,

Businesspark Struer,

Struer, Denmark

August 28-30, 2013


Purpose of the workshop:

To gather information and experience in the field of what we call High Quality Dynamic Networked Artistic interaction on long distances making the ground for writing a White Paper report of the state of the art in the field and to start an international distributed lab for Networked Interaction.


(Subject for changes)


Wednesday, August 28th, 2013


12.00 – 01.00pm Lunch


01.00pm – 01.30pm Welcome and presentation round


01.30pm – 03.00pm Overview of artistic forms of networked interaction, 15 minutes contributions from Chris Chafe, CCRMA, Stanford; Pedro Rebelo and Franziska Schroeder SARC; Niels Lund and Jason Geistweidt, World Opera; Ivani Santana, Brazil; Vivianne Johnsen Sydnes and Otto J. Wittner, Oslo/Trondheim; Tom Beyer, New York;


03.00pm – 03.30pm coffee break


03.30pm – 04.15pm

Continued contributions from Jon Marius Aareskjold, Tromsø; Nathan Scott, Newcastle, Australia; Synthia Payne, Kansas, USA.


04.15pm – 05.00pm Plenary Discussion on artistic forms of networked interaction with emphasis on technical challenges and needs


06.30pm – Dinner at Apollon Cinema



Thursday, August 29th, 2013 Business park Struer


09.00am – 09.30am

Historic overview of technical solutions in Performing Arts by Mark Schubin, Engineer in charge at The Metropolitan Opera, New York

09.30 – 10.45am

Overview of technical solutions in audio and video – open source options, contributions from Chris Chafe CCRMA, Alain Renaud, Genéve,Tom Beyer, NYU, Jeremy Cooperstock, McGill, Claudio Allocchio, GARR, Jan Østergaard, AU


10.45am – 11.00am

Coffee break


Thursday, August 29th 2013, continued


11.00am – 12.00am

Overview of technical solutions in audio and video – commercial options (Polycom, Lifesize, Skype etc.)


12.00am – 01.00pm



01.00pm – 03.45pm

Plenary discussion of the state of the art and current challenges in the different technical options – a comparative analysis concerning latency, compatibility, technical quality etc. in order to satisfy the artistic needs.


04.00pm – 05.00pm General Assembly of the International World Opera Association


05.00pm – 07.00pm Jazz-café at Struer Music School with Jamlink-session with Jazz-musicians in Struer and Kansas City, MO, USA


07.30pm Dinner buffet at Grand Hotel, Struer


Friday August 30th, 2013 Business Park Struer


09.15am – 11.00am Program for an international distributed lab for networked performance:  a Discussion on how to move on in collaboration on systematic, experimental research testing out simultaneously artistic formats and different technical solutions.


11.15am – 01.00pm

Public live streamed presentation/press conference with a summary of the discussions in the workshop and outlining the program for the World Opera lab.


01.15pm – 02.00pm Official Opening of the World Opera Lab by the Mayor of Struer, the City of Sound, Niels Viggo Lynghøj. followed by a light meal with snacks and drinks.





Struer is situated in the Western part of Denmark and it can be reached by going by air to Copenhagen Airport and take a train, directly from the airport to Struer, lasting 4.5 hour or take a flight to an airport in Jutland, either Karup, Billund or Aalborg and go by local transportation to Struer.  Please contact me for further detailed information on how to get to Struer.


Rooms are being reserved at Grand Hotel for participants arriving on Wednesday August 27 and leaving Friday August 30th. for a price of 2385 DKK, including breakfast / 795 DKK per night.

for booking take directly contact with the hotel :


Registration fee

A registration fee, including all meals and internal transportation will be of 1200 DKK / 200 USD and to be paid  to

The International World Opera Association

Danske BANK

Privat Direkte

Holmens Kanal 2-12, 1092 København K, Denmark


IBAN: DK78 3000 0010 3988 27



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the organizer, Niels Windfeld Lund, by email:

The World Opera, an overview

The World Opera (Presentation 2011) from nanofortran on Vimeo.

The World Opera Project

THE TROMSØ WORLD OPERA PROJECT (2012) from Katrin Beckmann (SKIKS) on Vimeo.

Danish broadcast coverage of World opera


NRK Coverage of World Opera Premiere

A national story from NRK, the Norwegian broadcasting company can be found here.

La Serva Padrona : first World opera premiere December

The World Opera: an overview . . .

Server Rebuild


This week we are rebuilding the WO servers for our performances in December. Six video and two audio.

In rehearsals


La serva padrona in rehearsal